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How to Assemble


How to connect FanLampz Pieces

Recognizing the Pieces

All FanLampz pieces are identical.

The front of each piece angles from left to upwards
The back of each piece angles from right to left downwards

The assembly of each lamp uses pieces primarily with the FRONT FACING OUT unless shown in the diagram with a black dot

Black Dots
The black dots indicate flipping the piece over and having the back side facing outwards

With Front only diagrams, you will connect only the same size hook to each other eg. Large to Large or Small to Small

Curved sides always position OVER straight sides to connect two pieces

These principles will continue throughout your making of the lamp, much like a jigsaw puzzle, matching the right sides to one another 

Connecting the pieces

Layout the pieces following the diagram.

Note: You can also stick a removable label on the front side of each piece to show the row number as a guide, similar to the way each piece is shown in the diagram.

Doing this will also ensure the right side is always facing outwards 

How to Connect The pieces.


Diagram Showing The Layout of Pieces To Connect

Creating Your FanLampz Sphere

Row 1
connecting the 5 pieces to form a star shape




Note: The pieces rotate clockwise and the last piece connects to the first piece to finsih the row

Row 2
Widen the sphere by connecting the first row in a ring

Remember to hook the curved sides OVER the flat sides

Row 3
This is the widest part of the sphere.

After assembling row 3 check all of your joined hooks. Each pinwheel shape should be made up of only the same sized hooks.

Row 4
This row will connect in the same way as row 1 and will start to narrow your shape

Row 5
This row will close your opening and complete your shere

You can also watch the steps above described in a video here:



Due to the complications and concerns with shipping light bulbs we do not ship our FanLampz with light bulbs.

Installing the Cord

  1. Find an enclosed spot that all 6 pieces meet
  2. Remove a few pieces to create an opening
  3. Screw in a bulb into the provided FanLampz cord
  4. Install the bulb and insert it into your FanLampz
  5. Pull the cord so that the lamp sits around middle of the FanLampz
  6. Close the opening and adjust the closing so that the cord fits firmly
  7. Turn on and enjoy the creative lighting!

You can also watch the steps above described in a video here:


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