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Yes, FanLampz are safe to use. All of FanLampz are made from 100% recycled materials with a flammable retardant element added to wnsure a high heat resistance. Fan Lampz are not heat proof, so it is important to follow directions carefully and specifically.
FanLampz are plastic and are waterproof, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use. However, the cord provided in the kits is for indoor use only. Outdoor lamp cords can be purchased through our website or from various hardware stores. When using your FanLampz outdoors, please make sure it is hung under a patio, awning or some shaded area, as intense direct heat exposure is not recommended.
FanLampz do not collect a lot of dust. If you are needing to clean yours, please use a basic duster (damp rag is great) with no chemicals or cleaners.
FanLampz are made with the highest quality in mind. They can be used for both room lighting and/or fun decorative lighting. We recommend the following for light bulb use:
Incandescent bulb- TypeA 40W bulb and under
CFL energy saving light bulb- 13W bulb and under
LED light bulb- 25W bulb and under

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